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    State & National Legislative Chairman
    Gil Hernandez

    Email legislativechrm@nv.vfwwebmail.com

    State Legislative Deputy
    Caleb Harris
    Email legislativedpty@nv.vfwwebmail.com

    State Legislative Representative
    Tony Yarbrough
    Email legislativerep@nv.vfwwebmail.com

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    My job as Legislative Chair for the VFW Department of Nevada is to help inform the members of the issues that are important to the all Veterans, past as well as those now returning home,  and their families.  The better everyone is informed, the better they can let our representatives in Washington, D.C., know how we feel about these issues affecting all our Veterans and their families.  I’m only one (1) person, but with the help of all the VFW members contacting these representatives, we are many and we can make a difference.

    About the last three (3) years I’ve been going to Washington, D.C., in March and September, to meet with our Representatives to let them know about the issues that have been voted on at our National Convention.  Sometimes it seems like the list doesn’t change, but we have to continue to let them know how we feel so we don’t lose whatever we had already gained.

    We’ve had some other issues come up between Conventions that we have had to ask for the members’ help to get these bills passed or get them defeated.  I then forward the email I receive from the National Legislative Service Office for the Veterans of Foreign Wars to all VFW and Auxiliary Members that I have email addresses for and ask them to get their vote in to help our Veterans and their families.  I know as a member everyone probably also receives this email so I plan to just start sending a request asking everyone  to please get their vote in and let our Representatives know how they feel about this item instead of forwarding the same email they have already received.

    As the State Legislative Chair, it is my job to make sure all members are aware of the items that affect our Veterans.  As you know the State Legislature is in session every two (2) years and will be in session this year of 2015.  I am fortunate to have legislative deputy Caleb Harris, who is having meetings and staying on top of issues that affect our Veterans and their families.  Hel also lives in Reno which gives a better opportunity to get together with key people and address these issues.  We will also have a lobbyist this year which will help us out a lot.  Our lobbyist is Tony Yarbrough.

    Even though the State Legislature will not be in session this coming year, there will be work being done and we will report anything that is pertinent to veterans.

    Gil Hernandez, Chairman